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This is YOUR United Way

United Way of LaPorte County improves the lives of the people of LaPorte County
by mobilizing the caring power of our community.

Where Does the Money Go?
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United Way 2016 Membership Requirements Completed
We work with you to identify challenges in our community and provide support to programs and services that help people right here in LaPorte County who are struggling with financial instablility, critical health risks, and a lack of education.

In 2014, United Way of LaPorte County began the process to become a more impact focused United Way. We work alongside other caring people in our community and provide leadership and resources as needed to change lives by creating lasting changes in community conditions. This transformation reflects a significant strategic shift from being "just" a local fundraiser to becoming a leadership organization seeking to create measurable, positive results in our communities. We are currently hosting a series of Communtiy Conversations to identify our communities' key concerns and aspirations in the areas of Income, Education, and Health. In 2016, we will launch a new funding process that will focus community dollars on addressing these issues.

  • Education – Helping Children and Youth Achieve Their Potential
  • Income – Promoting Financial Stability and Independence
  • Health – Improving People’s Health

Through the allocations process, we will continue to consider requests for funding from agencies providing for Basic Needs in our community.

Click the video below to watch Faces United - Dr. James Dworkin, Purdue North Central
With your input and your support, United Way of LaPorte County
will work to bring positive change to our community!