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Minimum suggested donation only $250
From any combination of food & beverage sales
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Dine Out for United Way of LaPorte County
Dine Out is a fun and easy way for local restaurants to feed programs in our community through United Way of LaPorte County.

To get started, contact Dave Sisk, Director of Corporate Engagement
at 219-210-3534 or via email at

Why Participate in Dine Out for United Way of LaPorte County?
United Way sees the opportunity and recognizes the obligation to help address and overcome the many troubling trends and conditions confronting our community, including: a struggling education system, personal and family financial instability, and critical health risks.

By partnering with United Way of LaPorte County, your business will be an active part of our mission to change lives and improve our community. You will help support 30 local programs that help over 25,000 people in our community.

Consider these challenges:
  • 1 out of every 4 LaPorte County residents utilize a service funded by our local United Way
  • In 2013, 26.8% of LaPorte County children were living in poverty, which is an indicator that families are unable to provide for their basic needs.
We recognize that each of us has a stake in making sure that today’s children grow up to be productive citizens, that individuals and families are financially stable and that our community supports healthy lifestyles. As a local restaurant and employer, you are in a position to create opportunities for a better life for everyone in LaPorte County.

We'll Help Every Step of The Way!
On the day of your program, United Way will provide “celebrity” hosts and servers as needed. Picture a local radio host, a county or city official, or other local personality promoting your restaurant!

Volunteers will also be taking pictures and posting to social media. United Way staff will be on hand to thank your staff and customers for helping support our community through United Way of LaPorte County.

At the end of the day, sales are calculated to determine the amount of your contribution. Again, a minimum of $250 is kindly suggested. United Way will pick up cash or check(s) from your restaurant at your convenience.

We'll provide a complete marketing package valued at $2,500!
Dine Out for United Way of LaPorte County is a great way to bring the community in and promote your restaurant!

Here’s what you get for participating:

Print Materials
Your restaurant name and logo and the date of your Dine Out will be prominently displayed on flyers, posters, and other promotional print material.

Email Marketing
We'll send an email invitation to over 8,000 LaPorte County donors to United Way, inviting them to dine with you.

Social Media and Online News
We'll share your restaurant name, logo, and Dine Out date on social media networks, partner websites, and our blog, to inform the community about the event and expanding the marketing reach to Porter County, St. Joseph County, and into Michigan.

Local Newspapers
We’ll provide press releases to local papers to promote your Dine Out date across LaPorte County.

Join Us on the Radio
Join us at local radio stations, live on the air, to talk about your resturant and promote your Dine Out date.

And as an added bonus, your restaurant name and logo will continue to appear on the United Way of LaPorte County website for the entire year!

To get started, contact Dave Sisk, Director of Corporate Engagement at 219-210-3534 or via email at