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Start Your Own Workplace Campaign
2015 was a challenging campaign year for LaPorte County. Through the guidance of a campaign cabinet comprised of high-profile business & community leaders and the diligent efforts of our employee campaign managers and loaned executives we raised significant funds to support the great work of our partner agencies. 2016 is going to be even more challenging! Please join us in our efforts to raise precious dollars to strengthen LaPorte County!

Give generously because YOU are the difference!
In the face of economic decline, your commitment means more now than ever. In this economic climate of job losses, home foreclosures, and business closings, our families, friends, and co-workers need help now more than ever. Through the United Way, we have the power to make a real impact in our community. It takes all of our efforts and resources to improve our quality of life in LaPorte County. We Are Still Better Together in LaPorte County!

If Everyone Gave Just $5...

There are an estimated 91,139 adult residents of LaPorte County.

If everyone made a one-time donation of $5 to United Way of LaPorte County, we would raise $455,695 to support programs for people right here in our community!

If everyone gave just $5 per month (just $60 for the year), we would raise $5,468,340!

Imagine how many lives we could change with $5,468,340!

No donation is too small.
50 cents from each paycheck can help feed people in our community.
$1 from each paycheck can help children prepare for success in school.
$5 from each paycheck can help fund programs accross the county providing basic needs to people right here at home.
What can you give?

Every dollar donated has a powerful impact in LaPorte County:
  $2 per Week = provides 4 days of shelter for a homeless person
  $6 per Week = provides 1 month of utilities for a family in economic crisis
  $10 per Week = provides 2 daily meals for a homebound senior for 5 months
  $20 per Week = provides 6 months of subsidized child care for lower-income working parents

United Way of LaPorte County serves as a channel for donations to flow from contributors to member agencies that receive the donations and use them to create a positive impact on our community in a lasting way. Call us at (219)-210-3534 or contact us for more information.

Thank you