Allocations Committee
Be The Change The United Way Allocations Committee is a volunteer committee. Allocations Committee members ensures fiscal and program accountability for the donors who make contributions to the United Way. Basically, they are acting as stewards of the money donated to the United Way. The objective of the allocations process is to distribute United Way dollars and maximize the resources available to programs aimed at the most urgent current human care needs of the community.

Given the extent of the needs that exist in LaPorte County, the Committee faces the challenge of recommending how United Way funds will be distributed among new and existing charitable agencies in a way that will have the most positive impact on community needs. It is the duty of the Committee to realistically evaluate the needs of the community and make recommendations that balance the United Way’s needs-driven philosophy and today’s economic realities.

This dedicated group of volunteers challenges each agency’s effectiveness at providing quality services, the need for these services in our community and the agency’s need for United Way financial support. Each individual volunteer becomes an integral part of our allocations process. Their commitment, level of input and the hours they contributed are invaluable.

To volunteer for the Allocations Committee, contact us or call (219) 210-3534.

Meet Our Allocations Committee: