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Laurie, Kris and Marlette volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

There are many ways you can Take Action
to help bring positive change to LaPorte County!

We value the contributions you make to United Way of LaPorte County throughout the year – whether by giving, by volunteering your time, or by advocating for our community. By working together for the common good, we are enhancing the quality of life throughout LaPorte County.
Thank you for making a positive difference!
GIVE - Giving to our Community Fund is the most powerful way to invest in your community. If everyone gave just $5 per month (just $60 for the year), we would raise $5,468,340!

Imagine how many lives we could change with $5,468,340!

No donation is too small.
50 cents from each paycheck can help feed people in our community.
$1 from each paycheck can help children prepare for success in school.
$5 from each paycheck can help fund programs accross the county providing basic needs to people right here in LaPorte County.
What can you give?

Donate to United Way of LaPorte County Now!

ADVOCATE - You can spread the word and champion the cause. Whether you are speaking out to improve education, income or health, promoting United Way in your community, or reaching out to your elected officials, you can help inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow.

VOLUNTEER - GIVE an hour. GIVE a Saturday. GIVE your best!
Volunteers are one of our greatest resources in LaPorte County. It is through the generous giving of time that we are able to help so many in our community. Please join us as a volunteer and help us bring positive change we can all be proud of.

Visit our Regional Volunteer Center to learn about volunteer opportunities across Northwest Indiana.

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